Ford Reliability To The Very End

By Jay D.

I'm sharing my story on Ford's reliability because based on my experience I believe Ford is the top auto manufacturer in our Domestic market. 203,000 New England driven miles I was running strong until my Ford Focus' tenure was cut short. Yesterday morning a Chevy Van didn't see a stop sign and totaled my car.
In 2006 I was fortunate to inherit my late Grandfather's 2001 Ford Focus SE Wagon. At the time the vehicle had 108,000 miles and it was a fantastic car which I used to drive long distances back and forth from MA to Clemson, SC where I attended college. Many spring breaks and Mardi Gras trips were had in this beautiful, fuel efficient speed wagon. A real cruiser that I would have liked to continue driving. This car provided so much value in my life, it is extremely disappointing that I am now forced to take on a car payment but am excited to start my new car search with a new Edge or Explorer. Needless to say that after 203,000 miles I'm a firm believer in Ford engineering and I look forward to my first test drive.
Thank you Ford for providing reliable American made automobiles!
T Craig-P71CV 09/23/2011
Ford all the way. I've driven Ford's for 20 years now. I've owned a 1990 Grand Marquis, a 2000 Taurus and two Crown Victorias, one was a 1991, and my current is a 1998, and she's still rollin' with 240,000km (149,000 miles) and shows no signs of quitting. Fords are like a Timex watch, they "take a lickin' and keep on tickin'" Nothing can kill a Ford, well unless you get creamed by a Chevy van running a stop sign. The Chevy owner was probably jealous because you had a Ford and he didn't. Anyway, the Ford Edge are good vehicles and as for the new Explorers, I honestly cannot say but from the reviews that I have read and from what I have seen on TV and in videos they appear to be a very good and a very reliable vehicle. Although I'm going to hold on to my current Crown Victoria for life I do plan on purchasing another Ford in a couple of years as I am well pleased with their cars, and I've rarely had any major issues with them.