Ford Family

I was a fan of a different car maker, then I bought my first new Ford. It was a 2012 Focus sel. I fell in love with the car! My parents  were so impressed with my car that they went out and bought themselves a 2013 Escape Titanium. About six months ago I traded in the Focus sel and now I am the proud owner of a 2013 Focus ST!!!! And just last week I took delivery of my 2014 class C motorhome that is on the E 350 superduty. My youngest brother has also come over to the Ford family. He and his wife now own a 2014 Explorer. To say that we have been won over by ford is an understatement. We love our Fords!! Here is to a long relationship! Thank you so much for making top notch cars and trucks.

                                                           Kenny Acevedo
Ford Social 08/27/2014
Hi Kenneth - We are so pleased that you have joined the Ford Family and brought so many others along with you. Thank you for sharing your story! - Social.Ford