Focus/fiesta St

I have been blessed with being part of the ST family for nearly 10 years. Having worked for the largest Ford dealership in South Africa, we was involved with the ST225 and the Fiesta ST. Both amazing vehicles (even compaired to Mazda 3 Mps). A group of owners started a forum (, and became a great success. Myself and 2 friends started a Advanced Driver Training center mainly focusing on the ST cars and there was an amazing responce. The clients loved the fact that they could take their own car onto the skid pan and the race track. We believed that it was pointless teaching people to drive cars that were not theirs. We were involved with the Sport Car Shoot-out that was held in Durban, just before the A1 Grand Prix and even put a few Lambos and Ferrari's to shame. Guess that is why we were not invited to the Ferrari open day a few months later. I was honered to drive a Focus wrc clone as a company car for quite a while and had a few Fiesta ST's after that. I hope that Ford usa will offer the same amount of passion to the ST brand as Hal Feder did in South Africa.