Focus Saved Husband's Life

My husband & I are forever Ford Fans and do any commercial or interview saying so. In 2003 my hisband was in a severe cr accident with 3 cars in total. A lady crossed the median and he flipped and landed on top of another car in another lane. He had to be cut out and had massive head trama, but no broken bones etc. In looking at the pile or metal that was his car the next day, do not know how he survived at all. the front of the car and his side of the car was gone. Gone! We are firm believers that the way the car "folded" as it tumbled and was bounced around , it was because of the way the car was made, his life was spared! We have a daughter who just started driving and hope that as soon as we are able intend to get her one, for our peace of mind! We have to say a HUGE thank ou to Ford for making such a great "safe" car. That hopefully if anything ever happens to our daughter, she also will have the safety that changed our lives a few years ago! Our attorney has the pictures of the car because we haven't been able to look at them since, but we would be able to provide them if need be.