Focus On The Future

My ex-husband and his lawyer gave our 19 year old daughter and me until July 4, 2010 to get out of the house we had shared for 24 years. The irony of July 4th also being "Independence Day" was not lost on us! =)

I bought my first new car in August 2010, a Ford Focus. I decided on the Focus because I needed to "focus" on my future. Although I could have purchased a 2011 Focus, I stayed with the 2010 because that was MY year of independence from an oppressive situation.

I chose to buy a Ford because my father built Fords for 33 years. He began working at Ford in 1952, after he served our country in the army during the Korean War. He retired in 1984 and continues to enjoy his retirement.

My thanks to Ford Motor Company for employing my Dad all those years, allowing him to retire while still young, and naming my car Focus so I can focus on my bright future!
M Metheny 08/24/2012
Very inspirational story... !! Thank You!!
Stephen B 08/23/2012
The 2010 is a great Focus! Awesome Story.