Focus In A Ditch

I drive a 2009 ford focus and I live in new england. this car is amazing int he snow but every once and awhile i like to screw around with the handbrake and go around a corner sidewise. any way last corner of my road and the car ends up in a ditch it was very sad I was lucky and there was no damage. anyways i called a tow truck driver and the first guy arrives in a chevy Sierra or some thing i don't really know what its called. as he starts to tighten the winch the back of the sierra starts to slip I started laughing. the next guy shows up in a F-550 which side by side looks smaller any ways this guy hooks up to the back and the car pops out with no problems. All i could i could thick was holy s---- fords are legit.
Ramon Cardona 06/13/2011
Well, it seems you may have your priorities a bit askew. Safety should be prime in your head. If you wish to experiment please go to a track or a huge parking lot. You could have killed someone, not to mention yourself. I am happy you are OK but I would not be happy if you had hit me or my family. OK? Please do not do this anymore. Many happy returns.