In 2007 my parents bought a used 2006 Ford Focus. It was the “4th family car” but I consistently called it “mine”! It was a basic, somewhat barebones model, but had everything that needed. Focus and I spent the next 6.5 years together. That included high school, HS graduation, college in Massachusetts, road trips around New England, tough winters/summers, college graduation, countless hours traveling to and from some great and a few not so great jobs. Over the years Focus endured a few bruises but I always took care of them immediately and took it in for regular oil changes. I always tried to treat my Focus with love, dignity and respect. Recently I stayed at a friend’s overnight. I had to head home around 7am to change and get to work for 8:30am. The trip from the friend’s was a simple route that we had taken before. It was very cold that morning, which was sad because the day before had been so warm and spring like! We were about 2.5 miles from home when we approached a red light with 3 cars stopped. I tapped the brake to slow the vehicle about 300ft behind those at the light, we started to skid on the black-ice rink that was the road underneath us. The skidding turned to spinning and I closed my eyes allowing Focus and the road to decide my fate. When I opened my eyes a few seconds later Focus was laying on the passenger’s side and the back windshield was shattered from coming in contact with a telephone pole. I unbuckled my seat belt & climbed out the small portion of the back windshield that wasn’t blocked by the crushed trunk and telephone poll. When I emerged the first thing I saw laying right in front of me in the in snow was the “Ford” emblem that had been on my trunk. Then I saw 3 cars had pulled into the nearby parking lot & one of the people was on the phone with 911. The drivers stared in awe at my disheveled Focus. My poor 4-door sedan now looked like a mangled pathetic excuse of a hatchback. I began to cry when I realized that Focus had sacrificed its life to save mine. In the words of my Uncle it “fulfilled its Car Destiny” and for that I was very thankful. These next few weeks will be hard as they officially label Focus as a total loss but they will be exciting weeks as well. I have decided that the only vehicle that I will ever buy again is a Ford. For this next journey of my life I will go with a Ford Escape. I loved my Focus but I’m ready to “escape” into my future with safety, authority and 4WD. Thank you Ford for building the best vehicle I will ever have. Focus was “built tough” just as you promised and I am forever grateful that it saved my life.
christian j 04/27/2014
I'm glad to hear that you are ok and that you want to get the Escape! I too would like that to be my next vehicle.
vanessa 03/02/2014
Great story. I almost teared up at "Fullfilled it's car destiny". I'm glad you are okay.