Fly The Highway With A Awsome Focus

I would like to thank ford for building a great car for me and my family, I drive this car everyday to work about 160 miles per day. when I purchased this car back in 2005 one of my co-workers said to me why did you buy a ford focus as your commuter car; you should of purchase a different brand of car. I told him because I trust and love Fords.
and now I have over 414,000 miles on my 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 and it's still running strong. I still use this car as my daily commuter putting over 160 miles a day on it.
We drove this focus to Laughlin, NV and Las Vegas in the with the airconditioning on back in July, 2013.

This car has the same water pump, same starter, I have maintained and replaced some parts, but the engine is still working, no leaks, doesn't smoke...
Just wanted Ford to know you have great customers out there, I would like to purchase another Ford Focus, but I can't do this as this time....but maybe next year sometime...

Thanks Ford for a car well built...Oscar
Ken 03/03/2014
Oscar,1) What motor oil, viscosity and oil change intervals did you use    to reach 410,000 miles?2) Automatic or manual transmission?I have a 2004 Focus with 85,000 miles. I hope to reach 400,000 like yours.