Feeling Free

This is a letter of Thanks.

About a year ago I owned a Neon. The thing ended up being in the shop an average of once every 3 months. While the dealers were accommodating in searching for a solution to my issue, having your car constantly breaking down or not even starting was a nightmare. Many days I was in tears because the engine light would pop on or the car itself not even start. Being downtown at night in some dark parking lot waiting for help...my freedom was gone in a way. I was afraid of going anywhere for fear I couldn't leave.

Looking for a new car was even worse. They weren't willing to trade the car in for much as they knew its issues, and I have little to no credit being a student. Finally I got fed up with Chrysler. Having owned a 1971 Ford Mustang that never failed to start, I gave up on Chrysler and went back to Ford. Two centers later, I was with a car and a payment I could handle.

My new Ford Focus starts no mater the weather. It has more 'bells and whistles' then any other car I've owned (The previous ford was so old that the stereo was removed from the previous owner and I switched gears with a screwdriver as the button for the gear shifter no longer worked and the air conditioner just drained the gas but I loved that car! We won't even go into the Neon).

My new Ford Focus (I've named it Cloud...yes, from Final Fantasy VIII) that I love dearly because it's reliable.I've missed my Ford cars, and it's good to be back! My mid-life crisis car is a Ford Mustang (preferably in some bright, electric color) with a hatch hood...I'm looking forward to it.

So thanks! Thanks for being there, thanks for the safety, thanks for making it so I don't have the "crap car" conversation with myself anymore (where you sit there and pray that the car works as you turn the key)So thanks for being there, thanks for being reliable -and- affordable.

Being back...has never felt so free.