Exceptional Dealership Customer

I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and have had quite a good many vehicles during my career and have had dealings with a few dealerships, to-date. All dealerships have shown commitment whilst structuring the sales deal and getting the potential customer to sign the "dotted line" in acceptance of all the clauses and sub-clauses, when taking ownership of the vehicle and driving it off their showroom floor. After that, once the vehicle is in your possession, it seems that the optimistic sales talk turns out to be just that, excuse the pun: "idle" talk.

I was pleasantly surprised in 2003, when I purchased my new ford focus from our Eastern Cape Motors Dealership in Cape Road Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.

During the sale discussion, the sales lady Estelle (she has since moved on) took time to explain everything to me in detail.

The attention top detail did not stop there at all. Customer service levels at this dealership have only grown exponentially and this is very evident in their new bigger premises on the William Moffat freeway in Port Elizabeth.

Dealer Principal Alan Percy and his Service Workshop Manager Andy Schmidt are always at hand to welcome potential Customers, as well as existing Customers who deliver their vehicles to their Dealership for Servicing or repair.

Excellent Customer Service is the excellence which Alan Percy, Andy Schmidt and their entire Team are striving toward and they certainly are reaping the rewards through extremely satisfied Customers like myself.

Guess which dealership Iwill be buying my next Ford from deo Volente?

Keep up the Total Quality Excellence drive Allan, Andy and your Team

The extra miles you have walked for your Customers are well walked miles.

Thank you

Best Regards

Rodger Vassen