Dyno Day For Ford Focus Enthusiasts At Fswerks

The Ford Focus community of owners is really strong, and the enthusiasts who modify their cars have an even stronger bond. This video talks about that community, what they do with the cars and a bit about Dyno Day at FSWerks in Southern California. Dyno Day is a get together where people share ideas and experiences. Some of them get to dyno their cars on a chassis dyno. We even had a couple from Lincoln, Nebraska, come to the event as part of their honeymoon.
Astor McAlister 02/05/2010
I love Ford!!!! I'm actually grew up on Ford!!!! Just wanted to comment!!!! Been a customer for years!!!!! GOD is good all the time!!!!! GOD is good!!!!!
Dave 12/28/2009
Man love the vid and the Foci, I SOOOO wish that was in Canada, keep it up guys Foci look and sound BAD AZZ lol
Paul 12/23/2009
I'm going to be in the market for a new car shortly. The problem I'm having is Ford does not offer a compact/midsize car with a hatch or wagon option. I need the utility these types of vehicles offer. I have owned nothing but Fords my whole life. Sorry Ford. The next new car I buy will not be one of yours. You really screwed up getting rid of the Focus hatch and wagon.
Allan 11/25/2009
FS is a fixture in the Ford Focus world. One of the things that is touched on here is the feeling within the community. So may great friends, and enthusiasts, all nation wide. The web site Focaljet.com has been a tool for so much. Great time to be a car enthusiast!
Tom 11/07/2009
Couldn’t agree more and more. The America, Europe, Australia, Asia... needs world platform hot hatch Focus, hatch back Focus and compact C-MAX with all wheel drive (AWD)!!!

Rod 11/05/2009
how do i get my hands on one of this cars?
Ann 10/29/2009
Very nice story! Makes me proud to be an FSWerks customer and part of the Focaljet community.
Andreas 10/26/2009
Nice!! FS Werks/Focusport has been a driving force in the Focus community since the beginning and it's great to see they're getting some well deserved recognition!
Paul 10/23/2009
Couldn't agree more. US needs the Focus Hatch back.
SonDa5 10/22/2009
The USA needs world platform hot hatch Euro Focus NOW!
Joe 10/19/2009
Awesome video FSWerks! Without you guys, the Focus community would be nowhere near as developed as they are today. It's great to see Ford recognizing one of the best shops for Focus fabrication, modification and tuning.
Jim R. 10/16/2009
Great video and FS Werks is a top notch Focus tuning company!!
montum 10/16/2009
great focus, how about making em all wheel drive (AWD) or add iut to their trims...
Jeff 10/16/2009
FS Werks has proven over and over that they are at top of the Focus tuning world. With excellent products backed with even better customer service they provide the best parts and experience there is.

The performance their products bring to very demanding contests like the Street Tuner Challenge, NASA Time Trials, Redline Time Attack, SCCA autocross etc etc show more than any words can convey. Great products from a great company!
Devon King 10/16/2009
Great video! I gotta hand it to the guys over there at FS. If it wasn't for them the Focus aftermarket wouldn't have been what it is today!
Richard 10/15/2009
Great video! I can only repeat what was said about Dyno Days and similar events. They are a great way to meet people, see what your vehicle can do, and get some bragging rights in with the crowd.

I've met a lot of great friends throughout the Focus community around the world. I'm glad that FSWerks has been there from the start to support the Focus aftermarket, and they have been a significant factor of growth for the entire Focus community. I'm also glad that Ford is recognizing what a strong Focus community there is here in North America and around the world. The Focus is an amazing car with great driving dynamics and great on my wallet (maybe that's why I have over 268,000 miles on her)! I can't wait until the next-generation Focus.

Keep up the great work, folks!
Jared 10/15/2009
Wow, the video turned out great!!

Thank you Ford for a great car, and thank you FSWerks for a great aftermarket.
Michael Hubbard 10/15/2009
Nice Video! Even though it's only about a brief moment of time in the world of Focus fans, it does a nice job of catching the flavor of the community. I hope that there's a sister video in the future at a road-course event! Great Job!
Gabe 10/15/2009
I have been a FocusSport/FSwerks customer since day one almost 9 or 10 years ago. I have never seen anything but top notch work come out of the FS shop. Randy was always around to field my questions and ramblings when I had my Focus. Focaljet and FSWerks are a major part of what makes the Focus community so strong. Here's to another 10 years and more awesome parts and work!!!!
ray 10/15/2009
What a great video, showing how close knit the focus community really is. Excellent work from FSwerks, THE leader in focus innovation and tuning.
Shawn Patula 10/14/2009
Love the video. When I first watched it, I immediatly got in my car afterwards and went for a cruise. Its so funny seeing the faces in the video because I actually know who they are from Focaljet. I have been in a Focus since 2004 and havent looked back. FSWERKS, thank you for rocking and keeping my mouth drooling with what you guys have done (and keep doing) for the community.

-Shawn Patula (Spatakula)
ray 10/14/2009
Excellent video FSWerks! Truly shows how close knit a community the focus people are. Thanks for being on the cutting edge of focus tuning for the past decade.
Jason H 10/13/2009
This video shows why I've been a part of the Focus community for the past 10 years. Great car, great community, with a great company like FSWerks at the heart of it all!
GreggPDX 10/13/2009
Great video! Focus owners are lucky to have strong support from tuners like FSWerks. I have their turbo kit on my ZX3; the quality is amazing, and their customer support is top notch. Keep up the good work!
Tony D 10/13/2009
I have been a FSWerks/FocusSport dealer since 2000. As a dealer, I never have to worry about their quality...it is always top notch and I have used many FSWerks parts on my own Focus and have been greatly satisfied with their performance and value.

The support that I have received from the staff at FSWerks is some of the best I have encountered from any supplier.
Rachel 10/12/2009
Well done, as always. FS Werks is a top notch company all the way.
HIggy 10/11/2009
Great vid... even sweeter cars. Man they sound good and look great! Keep up the great work guys. You rock!
Leesa 10/11/2009
"RAR", well said! Ok, so I want all the goodies. No, wait, hmm... just give me THE ORANGE ONE!!! Ok, so I can't have that orange one, but I can see myself in one. Who wouldn't? Nice video ~ keep up the good work guys. Oh, yeah, did I mention, I want the orange one?... ;)
Vincent ( Turbo ZXW ) 10/11/2009
Awesome video! FSWerks is an excellent company to work with. My first dealings with these folks is I saw them on "Street Tuner Challenge" on SPEED network and I called them. Vik answered the phone and we had a great conversation. I told him what I wanted to do and he gave excellent advice. Randy has be stellar in other aspect of the build. Now I have a turbo charged Focus station wagon all because of these guys.
Sam 10/10/2009
The automotive community is a close one and FSWerks takes it one step further with Focus owners. Events like Dyno Day not only is a socializing event but also one that Focus owners can share their stories, modifications, get tips and simply learn new things about their vehicles.

The Ford Focus is a great handling car that packs a lot of power in a small package. But it is also a car that owners can personalize... make it their own. FSWerks is a great resource to enhance the performance, add a body kit or just go for a tune up. They make it possible to take a daily means of transportation and showcase it as a piece or artwork or to highlight someone's individuality. And, they do not limit themselves to West Coast culture... they bring Focus owners from all over the country together.

Randy and Vik are great to work with and really understand the car and their owners! More importantly, they are an excellent avenue for Ford Motor Company to utilize in the design of future products and accessories.
Trent 10/10/2009
I wish I could have made it out for the event. I'm in Michigan and I have FSWerks stage 2 turbo. I couldn't be happier with the car and the extra's that I've put on my Focus. It's a fun ride!
Drew Brown 10/09/2009
Ford, listen to the positive feedback. We love our cars and modify them so they feel as they should have when they came from the factory. We have a strong dedication to this niche market and will continue to spend our time 'wasting' away on our favorite car.

Well done on the video and what a great G2G FSWerks! Keep up the positive outlook!

- Drew, focusownerskid
Jan 10/09/2009
Impressed as usual with Dyno Day. FSWerks and Randy made an awesome video. One Ford should be proud of.
D23T 10/09/2009
Looks like it was crankin! Love the turbo Focuses. FSWERKS goin BIG TIME. All up in that. Now lemme hook up with the new Focus when it comes out and get that beast pumpin with 400 WHP. For real.
Chris Stout 10/09/2009
I had a fantastic time during the dyno day! Thanks to Ford and FSWERKS for putting it on. Thanks to FSWERKS for the great work on my turbo! It really helped me during the car's shakedown at Redline's Time Attack and was a HUGE factor in the 3rd place finish in FWD Mod class. :) Just the beginning of things to come!
Harold 10/09/2009
Cool video ... great company ... If I could take time off from work I would have made the trip out from the east coast.
Jeff Blake 10/09/2009
NICE video! wish i could have gone with my FSW turbo focus!
Amy 10/09/2009
Awesome video and hurray for Dyno Day!! :D
Mike 10/08/2009
Great Video!
Two thumbs up for FSW and their Dynoday. Always a pleasure to deal w/ the entire crew @ FSW. Going to a FSW dynoday is like going to a family picnic. Great company, great products.
FullMetal 10/08/2009
The video was great. I must have watched it 20 times now. I told all my friends to take a look and watch out for me.

I must say, I love when ever FSWerks has an event. I try to make it out to every event they have so I can meet some great people and look at lots of amazing cars. I also love the fact my fiance loves going with me too.

FSWerks is a wonderful company, I trust their products over any other out there. FSWerks is making it possible for me to realize my vision I have for my Ford Focus.

Hurray for FSWerks!
Maddie McDonald 10/08/2009
FSWerks has really come a long way. I have always enjoyed the get togethers and Dyno days. The guys are all super knowledgable and friendly. Great Video!!!
Josh Hardy 10/08/2009
Great video. Nice to see that Ford is taking an interest in the Focus community.
Joshua W 10/08/2009
Wow.... completely awesome. What more could you ask for from such and incredible group. Top notch people... top notch products.
Rich G. 10/08/2009
Really cool video! Wish I could have been there, too! I think it's pretty rad that Ford puts this kind of stuff on their sites now. Who woulda thought a bunch of Focus people at a dyno day would be represented so well. The quality of the video is a nice surprise. Hats off to FSWERKS for supporting the Focus scene like this. Seeing this kind of thing makes me want to buy some stuff and modify my own car. Now just need to save up a bit!! :)
Leena Lam 10/08/2009
OMG! This is so rad.OMG I am so excited about the future of the focus and can't wait to see what you guys do next!
JOHN 10/08/2009
Great video and FSWerks is always at the top of the Focus performance scene.
Bryan 6003 10/08/2009
Awesome video!! Just goes to show how well FSWerks is involved into the community. They continue to bring new and exciting products out and keep this community going. Well done.
cat 10/08/2009
Great video and great company. Events and videos like this show the community that can develop around a range of affordable and exceedingly modifiable cars.

In addition to providing excellent service and events, FS werks provides a home for the Ford enthusiast as well as those looking to be impressed by a suite of cars that often go unrecognized.

Building community is a great way to build brand loyalty and show these cars off as part of a lifestyle not just transportation.

On the technical front, companies like FSWerks push the boundaries of the "daily driver" and help create an automotive experience.

Long live the Dyno Day.
Dan 10/08/2009
Great video! FSWerks is a top-notch company to deal with. They never disappoint in their products or service. It's great that Ford has such a great tuner company working with their Focus.
Ron Myers 10/08/2009
FSWerks show how a great aftermarket company should operate. They provide solid, well-engineered performance parts and fully support the enthusiast community through events like this.

This video is exactly what is needed to show those not familiar with the car that it's highly tunable and has a fan base of great people who gather on sites like Focaljet to share their passion.
Josh 10/08/2009
I just love that sound in the beginning of the video. Pure adrenaline rush. It's always exciting to see everyone at these events. I can't wait for the nest one.
Izzy 10/08/2009
Dyno Day is always a great event to attend at FSWerks. People, Food, Cars...need I say more.
Congrats on the video...
cole 10/08/2009
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Mark Kleis 10/07/2009
The Dyno Day was a lot of fun and as always it was great to get the community together. I felt like the odd man out bringing my Fiesta, but I'm glad I was able to let some curious people take it for a spin :)

PS, the video rocks, but I would love to see an extended version, and give us the ability to EMBED it on other sites to spread the word!
ga-girl 10/07/2009
Vik is brilliant. FSWerks is lucky to have him.
Nikki 10/07/2009
FSWerks is a highly respected company and take pride in everything they do.
Awesome video guys. :)
Todd 10/06/2009
FSWerks dyno days are awesome. Great people, great cars, and it never hurts to hear those little cars make so much noise!!!!
Nissanaj 10/06/2009
Congrats FSWerks. Their Dyno Days are a good time and they have great costumer service.