In October of 2013, my wife and I went to purchase a new car. This was something we hadn't done in quite a number of years. We bought a 2014 Ford Focus and were extremely happy with it. However, it wasn't the one that we originally wanted. What we wanted was a Titanium, but due to the price we didn't think we could afford it.

Fast forward to February of 2014. We were on our way to work and to make a long story short, a person who shouldn't be driving pulled out in front of us and caused us to collide with him. Thankfully there were no serious injuries. But the guy should be thankful that it wasn't only minutes later because he pushed us into the oncoming traffic lanes where people drive 45-50 mph. After a few days, it was determined that the car would be totaled. We went back to the same dealership. Lo and behold, they had the same Titanium that we wanted before. And due to changes in life, we are now able to afford the payments for this new vehicle. So even though we miss the 1st one, we l-o-v-e the new one. And by the way, Ford, thank you for making a well built car that kept my me and my wife safe in this accident! I can see a long relationship with Ford in the making.