Best Vehicle We've Ever Owned

After much research and many initial test drives of competing cars, I took my wife to test drive a Ford Focus. She fell in love with the car immediately, and told me we had to buy a Focus. For her, every other car we had tested fell short in one area or another, but the Focus hit all the right notes for her. I searched diligently for the exact version she preferred, which was a silver or black ZX5 with leather, sunroof, standard transmission and upgraded sound system. I finally located the perfect match for her specifications and negotiated and bought the perfect little car.

We've now owned the car for five years and 74,000 kilometers (46,000 miles). This car has made me a Ford Believer. One minor warranty repair and no other service issues later, I feel that we bought an outstanding example of Ford's decision to forsake quantity for quality. This car is a result of Bill Ford's and Alan Mullaly's quest to re-create Ford Motor Company into a company that puts it's customers before it's shareholders.

Five years old and the doors still sound like new when shut. The engine is still as quiet as the day I brought the car home. Our car still looks and sounds as good as it did when it was new. We have followed the suggested service schedule, and other than regularly scheduled maintenance, the car has not cost us anything extra. All service has been done by our local Ford dealer, and even though I can get service done cheaper elsewhere, I have stuck by my dealer, giving them a chance to earn my business. It has been a very good relationship for five years, and when it comes time to replace the car and my truck, Ford will be the first name on our shortlist.