Best New Car I've Ever Had

By Jim G.

I don't know about the problems of the early production cars. I bought a 5 door SEL with no other options but a moonroof that was built in late January. I skipped the MyFord Touch because I would really not use it. The standard SEL interface works good for me. The transmission is great on this car, because it is so versatile compared to an old school automatic. No shudders, or sloppy gear changes. I enjoy putting it in S mode on mountain drives and going thru the gears myself without the hassle of a clutch. I also give a big thumbs up to the ambient lighting and the 6 speaker sound system. Much like a large home sound system, you can actually hear the differences from the same song played on a CD or from my MP3 player. The usual MP3 shortcomings like less dynamic range, and muddied midrange are not something the average person would notice with earbuds or cheaper speakers. But the speakers in the car are accurate enough that the flaws show up. I loved my old Civic. But the 2012 Civic is noisy and unrefined compared to the Focus when I was doing a lot of test drives before I decided what I wanted. My car is pretty new yet and has only about 4000 miles so far (I commute a long distance)but no flaws or problems have shown up that would require any sort of service.