Bear Meets Focus

By Ward H.

I researched and researched the web for my new car. I decided on a 2012 Focus Hatchback SEL. There were none anywhere in my area so I ordered one. I waited eight weeks for it to come in. I was so excited when it arrived! My dealership is 42 miles from my home. I took delivery. I synced my phone and learned about 911 Assist. I was not going to enable it but Amanda, my sales person said I should, so I did. Thirty three miles later I was beginning to feel comfortable with the new ride. The leather seats smelled so - new.

I have driven the road for 35 years. I was on cruise control and auto pilot. The Broncos were even ahead – not for long. I was comfortable and relaxed. The next second the airbag was in my face, the hood was obscuring my vision and I was going 55 blind. I brought the car to a halt and was trying to get my wits about me when 911 came over the speakers. “You had an accident? You are in a Ford?...” I still had no idea what happened. My car had less than 60 miles on it and I had a serious accident, the first accident I have been in since 1973 ish. I’m thinking I just totaled my car. 911 told me to stay well off the road and stay with the car. When the sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene he stopped his car at least 100 feet from me. It was dark and his bright lights were on. I started to walk towards him and he told me to stay there just to be sure. What does that mean? Then he said ok. I got the where he was standing and there was a 350-400 pound black bear. I hit a bear and 55 mph. He wanted to be sure it was dead before I got close to it.

The paramedics came. They could not believe that I did not even have a scrape, a bruise or bump. The Colorado Highway Patrol came to write it up. The first thing he asked me was, “did you get a picture of your bear?”

That was last night. It was mostly a sleepless night. Today I was basically feeling like I had a hangover. I just had an off day. On reflection I’m thinking it is better to feel like you have a hangover than to be in the ICU on a ventilator. I truly think the Focus gave up it’s life for mine. The Focus looks totaled but I’m fine. Thank goodness I added my Focus to my insurance policy before I left the dealership.

That’s about all I have to say about that.
Ward Hauenstein 09/22/2011
This is my story. I just found out that the Focus was declared a total loss. I'm now looking for a new Focus. I now have the spirit of a bear. May he RIP. Thank you Focus for protecting me
David 09/20/2011
Thanks for sharing your amazing story and glad to hear you were ok. Having worked on the 911 Assist feature I am so glad you decided to set the feature ON and that Amanda from the dealership was doing her job well by educating you about it. So did you happen to get any photos of the scene and the bear like the police officer suggested? This is another great success story along with many others shared on this site about the effectiveness of 911 Assist. If anyone reading this has a SYNC equipped vehicle please make sure to pair your phone and set 911 Assist ON for the added peace of mind illustrated by this story!