And They Survived

My father and my 2 nieces were involved in a head on collision; where another driver crossed the middle line and came into their lane. Everyone in the focus had been wearing seatbelts which prevented death. My older niece sustained several fractured bones and was the worse of the injuries for the impact was on the front passenger side as you can see from the picture below. Because of the way the car was designed, it took the force of the impact. Thank you for building the car to a high safety standard. I still have my dad and nieces.
Travis Murdock 08/25/2011
Andrew i can attest to the focus being under estimated, i hit a deer going about 40 in my '02 Focus and all i had to do was bend the metal back, hood looks a bit rough but past that its free of damage, and to the story im happy to see that if i take a head on hit i will survive! haha!
Brandon Ridlon 06/22/2011
A 2003 Ford Focus saved my sister and I in a pretty bad accident once too. I'm glad everyone survived your ordeal. Ford does make some very safe cars.
Harrison Wagenschutz 06/20/2011
It's a good thing she didn't buy a Chevy, because they crumble like tin foil. You did it again Ford.
Scott Luptowski 05/10/2011
Andrew Garasimowicz 03/23/2011
the ford focus is such an underestimated car when it comes to accidents! Ill keep true to them as long as Ford keeps stamping them out!
Lee Groves 03/02/2011
me too in 2001 rear ended sitting on the side of the street in a neighborhood of all places dislocated back in three places and i used to work there i build you guys car from 1999 to 2007 took the buyout. Wayne assembly plant in Wayne MI
Megan Whitcher 02/19/2011
What an amazing story!! A Focus saved my sister in a similar accident I know what you mean about being thankful for Ford"s high safety standards. She loved that car so much she ended up getting a brand new one.