American Steel

I have a 2005 Ford Focus SES ZX4 - 5 speed that has had little to nothing done to it since I purchased it new in December 2004. Currently 235,678 miles.
Maintenance/Work done to it:
1. Throttle Body replaced (30K - My fault a sprayed carburetor cleaner all over it)
2. Spark plugs replaced (218K miles - still looked new)
3. Struts/Shocks - Front and rear - (220K+ miles)
4. Brakes (100K+ intervals front / 200k rear)
5. Tires at 60-70K+ intervals
Nothing else! I'm still running the original MAIN belt! It's runs as good, if not better, than the day I bought it. I drive it 58.1 miles to work (one way, and not uphill both ways) I also own a 2000 F-150 Extended Cab XLT - 4.6 (120K) Plus, a 2007 Mustang GT Convertible(74K) - Automatic - (Roush trimmed) I always try to convince a potential buyer to buy Ford. "Ford Tough" How about - "American Steel" if you want someone to brag about Ford and boast about quality , I'm the guy!!! You don't need Government assistance when you build the BEST!