All Ford Family

By Joe M.

I was the former passionate owner of a Mini Cooper and the administrator of the Chattanooga Scenic City Coopers Facebook page. I loved my Cooper; however that all changed very quickly just these last few days.
My wife and I have always supported Ford Motor Company. The very fact that this large company that helped build America stayed solvent and avoided a taxpayer bailout led us directly to purchase Ford products. My wife owns a 2012 Ford Focus SEL sedan (the actual car given away by American Idol contestant Lauren Alaina to her high school principle the 2011). Recently I had to travel for a job interview and I asked my wife if I could drive her car instead of my Mini. Two days and 20 road hours later, I was hooked. The very next day after I arrived back from that trip, I traded in the Cooper. I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Ford Focus SEL hatchback. Mine is blue and my wife’s is red. The both look great in the garage.
Oh and when we can’t load that big load in our Focus; That is not a problem. We also own an all original 1977 Ford F-100 long bed pickup truck with 82,000 miles.
So here is a picture of our Ford family. We named them Roxanne (red Focus), Tsunami (blue Focus), and Sanford (F-100 truck). Thank you for these excellent vehicles. We really love our Ford rides.
Joe & Bonnie McPherson
Joseph H 12/07/2012
I have to say i'm a true blue Ford fan and i would love if all of my family would be too, love the old and new together Joe.