A Ford Focus Made Me Want To Drive Again

Recently I was involved in a serious car accident. My husband's truck is totaled, and I was lucky to have sustained only minor physical injuries. In the week following my accident, driving was stressful and frightening, to the point that I dreaded taking my kids to school. The car insurance company got my husband a rental car, and we were both excited to see it was a Ford Focus, which was one of the cars we were considering purchasing. After a couple of days, my husband tossed me the keys to the Focus and told me to go out for a drive. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was to drive and what great features it had, most notably the awesome sound system. As I drove the Focus over the next couple of weeks, driving became fun again. We just returned it to the rental place today, and I drove it there so I could have one last ride. I never could have imagined a car could have such a positive impact on my life. I had a 1991 Probe LX 3.0 for 8 years, and I cried when I had to junk it. Driving the Focus reminded me so much of my Probe, that the trauma of the accident just seemed to melt away when I drove it. We are currently trying to find a Focus SES purchase if we can afford it.