A Family's Ford Focus

There are three vehicles to describe my taste and they all happen to be Fords!
For years my father tormented me about a new truck and he expected me to help. My golden rule- it had to be a Ford. After all, what other worthwhile truck exists?
Well, I’m proud to say I’ve converted my father who was a dire GM fan. He thought he was making an innocent purchase when he bought my first car, a 1995 V-8 Ford Thunderbird. He thought it would be that first vehicle you give a youth. You know, that car that ends up ruined in mere months. Well, that car is still haunting him and I call it my cherished, collector item despite the nicknames others give it due to some peculiar repairs it has required in its prime. I’m sure you have heard “Thunderchicken” or the less creative hot rod associated terms, but one of the funniest nicknames is “Frankenford”. The family joke is that it won’t die.
In the past year we “wheeled and dealed” to acquire two more Fords at my preference (force) since I was moving away from home and my father and I visited more than five dealers of various makes. Call it spite or an omen; I had to have a car match as close as I could get to my T-bird if I was going to actually buy a new vehicle. While the “Old Man” was not completely thrilled at first he knew the only way to get a new truck was to get a Ford if he expected my help. After the promotional videos, test drives, long talks, and kicking the tires he caved. Now, I know he is becoming a fan when he tells me he’s performing upkeep on my sentimental-value-laden T-bird or discovered some new feature of my F-150 4X4 I let him drive.
As for me and the more fuel efficient way of life, I put the first three miles on a 2010 Focus (2 door) and made the purchase the same day we ordered the F150 4X4. The mpg is presently 37.4! I found “the one” when I saw this 2 door silver Focus with excellent fuel efficiency. I didn’t want to buy a vehicle (let alone two) that day but I lost focus and purchased it (pun).