A Dream And A Nightmare

My mother had a focus as i grew up. I loved that car. It was what i learned to drive in. It saved my family when they rolled over twice in it. So, when my boyfriend told me we were getting a new car, there was no other choice to even consider. We purchased a bright green 2002 ford focus.

That being said, about 20 days later (title not turned in yet even) we got into an aweful head on accident. We were making a left turn into a parking lot and another driver wasnt paying attention to the road, and she was speeding. She hit us dead on.

This woldnt be so bad, except she was going 50 mph and I am pregnant. The ford focus we were in saved our lives, and my unborn child as well. My boyfriend was driving and recieved only minor burns on his arms from the air bag, which cleared up just days later. I tore my right pectoralis major, but was otherwise unharmed as well. The airbags deployed perfectly, and the interior wasnt even damaged.

All in all, Ford, thank you for saving my life, and that of my unborn child, by making such a great car. Whenever I can afford another, I know my next car will be another Focus.