A Car That Saved My Life

I had visited my fiance in Columbia the night before and stayed at her house. In the morning on January 24th, 2014, I was headed to Anne Arundel Community College for the first day of one of my classes that started at 10:00 am. I was coming around a bend and the sun shined in my eyes, so I was trying to block it and the next thing I saw was the corner of a state highway dumptruck. I hit the corner so hard and spun into the guard rail. I was devistated and in shock. The truck had a trailer on the back with one of the lightup arrow signs. But, NO lights were on and they were at a complete stop in the left hand lane. They apparently just got there. They had no cones or anything set up. The next thing I know, I had a woman running to my car and my driver door was stuck. I unbuckled and dragged myself over the middle consol to get the passenger door open. My left side was in so much pain and I was in tears. I had workers yelling at me and there were so many people there so quickly and I was taken to the emergency room. I turned out fine but I had a survical sprain, so I could not move my neck and I still have pain in my knee at times. I am now trying to go to physical therapy. That was my first "brand new" car that I have gotten and the best. It was the most amazing car I will ever have had. I was so happy with that car. It turned out totaled and that was the way I said goodbye to that car. I hate on myself everyday and still cry at times thinking about it. I have a honda now but I keep having problems with it. I miss my Ford. It was perfect. But I can't afford another car as nice as that one. I work for the county everyday and I'm a fulltime college student paying for my own insurance so I know I'll never be able to afford another great car like that. I love Ford and always will. I really hope one day I have some money to at least get a used one but I will look for the 2010 Focus ses. I want to thank Ford for making such an amazing car that saved my life. Thank you so much! Love, Rachael Anderson