5.0, Lg. And The Pullover

By Lyn G.

Thanks to the kind folks over at Ford Motor Company, I’ve recently been given use of a media fleet vehicle – the new 2012 Ford Focus. My 'Kona Blue' Focus is definitely a sharp looking car that immediately grabs your attention and is fun ride to drive as I've learned over the past week.

A few days ago I was headed over ton one of my business partner’s office to work on a production project. As I was going to park the Focus, I passed a police car on the right side of the road and didn't think much of it until I turned around to park on the left side of the street and he proceeded to turn around as well and pull up behind me. I wasn't worried as I hadn't done anything wrong, but you know how your mind starts racing when cop pulls up behind you no matter the situation.

As I started to get out of the car, he got out as well and said: “Hey, is that one of those new Fords?”

I bust out laughing at that point because he pulled up behind me to ask questions about the car!! Turns out he was very knowledgeable about Ford cars and even had read up about the Focus. We talked for about 10-15 minutes about the Focus, my Explorer, the Escape, his Crown Victoria squad car and even the fact that he is considering buying one for his wife vs. a Honda. Not sure if I swayed him one way or the other, but he was definitely impressed by the workmanship on all of the little things in the car (buttons, knobs, seats, ergonomics, etc.). This easily could have been a commercial for Ford given how it all went down combined with the surprised look on my face and the serious car lover stare on his.

The other funny part of the story is that luckily the folks at Ford had invited me to their car show the week before as they had a traveling robot give the crowd the lowdown on all the bells and whistles on the Focus. That enabled me to answer all the policeman's questions even though I hadn't tried everything out just yet and was still learning the in's and out's.

Glad I got a handshake and a thank you instead of a ticket, but really he was an incredibly nice guy and I'm always very supportive of the men in blue to protect and serve as my sister Wendy is a state cop in New Mexico. Plus I feel a little more safer driving around given 5.0 just might be admiring the ride vs. checking my speed.
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
I would buy a new focus if it had a 4cyl eco boost in it. I know the new 4cyl get 40mpg's but honestly give me an even smaller engine with Eco Boost so that it can match the current power and give me 45mpg or better!!!
Ron Chaisson 05/28/2011
My Dad is planning on buying me an awesome 2012 Kona Blue Ford Focus 5-Door Hatchback!!!!!
Max B 05/25/2011
Did you say a robot gave you the lowdown? And Ford is back? We are living in the future for sure!
Copy that Lindeman. Fitty G would have made him call for back-up.
Toby Lindemann 05/24/2011
Good thing Fitty G wasn't there cause from what I've heard he is low down dirty set trippin' gangsta!
Lyn Graft 05/24/2011
LOL - should have guessed that would have been your response in that situation. Always trying to go faster miss adrenaline herself! I'll try it next time for sure.
Ingrid Vanderveldt 05/24/2011
That is hilarious LG!! Should have asked him if you could have a speed pass in the future for 'looks' sake. '-)