400,000 Miles And Still Goin'!

By Sara K.

My dad has had his Ford Focus for 9 years. He drives it back and forth to Chicago every single night from Rockford, IL (that's about an hour and a half drive), along with all of the other recreational driving he does with the family and friends. Recently, on my way to an event at my college, I looked at the mile counter and saw that I had reached 400,000 miles! Thank you so much, Ford, for a trusty vehicle.
Ken 12/30/2013
Ed,Can you tell us what motor oil and oil change intervals you used to reach 440,000 miles on your Focus?
Ed 03/29/2013
UPDATE!!!This same Focus now has 440000 miles on it and going.
Fred Golden 09/27/2011
It is not to un-common for a Taxi cab crown Vic ro get 800,000 or more miles on it, sometimes after getting 100,000 miles as a Police car to warm things up!

I was reading about a E-350 van, 7.3L with 560,000 miles on it. Way to go Ford!
T Craig-P71CV 09/12/2011
WOW! 400,000 miles on a focus? that's pretty cool! I always thought such mileage could be expected only on Crown Victorias, Town Cars, F150s and other big Ford vehicles. I would never have expected this kind of mileage on small four cylinder cars. This goes to show that Fords are good reliable vehicles. I've been driving Blue Oval cars for 20 years now and I would never consider anything outside of a Ford. I've heard of Crown Vickies and Town Cars getting up to 1,000,000 miles - I wonder if you're dad's Focus can do it?
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Nice! The first Focus is a really reliable piece of automobile. Best in its segment if you ask me.
Travis Murdock 08/25/2011
thats pretty impressive, my focus has 126k miles and actually is giving me problems, wish mine would go that far hah! (next car is a fusion though)