300,000 Miles And Going

By Leon L.

Purchased my Ford Focus in February 2003. My first brand new car. On April 29, 2011, I hit 300,000 miles on the car, which still has almost all original parts. It has been a very good car. Thanks for a job well done.
Ken 03/03/2014
Leon,Questions:1) Which Focus engine do you have?2) What motor oil and oil change intervals did you use to get there?3) Automatic or manual transmission?
Geeshik 12/20/2011
217,000 on our 2000 Focus ZTS automatic. It's a good car. I'd like to hang on to it a long time.
Craig Carpenter 11/03/2011
My 2001 Focus has about 72K on it, but I'm happy to hear there are some past the 300K mark, and at least one person here shows over 400K.
Liviu Nicoara 07/14/2011
Our 2002 Focus has 275,000 miles, original Zetec engine and 5-speed transmission. It's still running strong!
Ed Gold 06/12/2011
I have a 1987 Mustang GT in the driveway with 229K miles on it. It's still in great condition but I recently purchased a 2002 Mustang GT and I really love driving it. I always planned on breaking 300K miles on the 1987 GT, but this new one is just too much fun not to drive. What to do?
Jon 05/21/2011
I bought mine in February 2003 and it was my first new car too. I still have mine, but it only has 85000 miles on it. I am glad to see it can last a lot longer!