Walking Away Is A Good Thing

By Luke H.

I'm a big guy, and the 2011 Ford Fiesta is a small, but awesome car. I was driving a lot of miles, 17355 on my Fiesta between July 2010 and January 2011. I loved that car almost as much as I love my family. I was sad to see it go after I slid into a ditch and smashed head first into a concrete drainage culvert at 45 miles per hour, BUT I got out of the car, and WALKED AWAY! I suffered a pretty bad bruise from the seatbelt, and a broken sternum from the seatbelt/airbag combo, but that's it! I would surely have been worse for the wear if it weren't for the superb safety features built into the Fiesta, including the drivers knee airbag. To this day, I mourn the loss of my 2011 Lime Squeeze Fiesta SES, but at least my family doesn't have to mourn my loss. Thank you Ford!
Jason G 05/28/2012
It's really good that you are ok. It is nice that small cars are getting safer!
Beto L 04/18/2012
This makes me feel safer driving on the California roads. Glad your OK.
Safety, Innovation, Value....that's Ford ....Drive One !
ToMmy KuJow 11/23/2011
we have same situation bro...my fiesta crash with big truck lorry 20tane...my fiesta rotate two time after crash with the lorry...my insurance didn't give total lost but repair until now been 6month i still havent seen my car fixed...how bout your car?...did they fixed it...
Great story! I love love my Ford Fiesta Too! Hope you can get another one!!!