Sporty, Safe, Fiesta

I found my first car at Bob Keim Ford in Columbus, Ohio. It was a 1980, FORD FIESTA, sport model with white exterior, brown fabric interior, sport package, 5 speed, vented windows and an AM radio. It was so fun to drive and had wonderful fuel mileage, even back then. I found out about the safety of my First Ford Fiesta, first hand. I was at a stop light, not realizing someone ahead of me was stopped for a left turn a few cars ahead in my line. Unfortuantely, I had just removed my jacket at a previous stop light and had not re-engaged my safety belt. The paramedic at the scene said it was a good this my car had a 'newer' collapsable steering wheel composite or I would have been looking at emergency abdonminal surgery. Even though I broke the windshield with my head, and my right knee took apart the radio knobs, I was in one piece, safe and sound. The steering wheel gave way and I was not hospitalized, scared and sad, but healthy.
My first Ford Fiesta saved my life, was the best car I ever drove and I dream of it still today. Thank you for bringing it back!
Is there anyway I could maybe drive one for Ford and let everyone know how wonderful they are?
PLEASE! I have been out of work for over 5 months, lost my job and car and am trying to find a safe way to get to my potential new employer.
Your help is greatly appreciated and I am available by phone, at 614-581-4469.
Thanks for bringing Fiesta back and making it ROCK once again!
Tina (FIesta Lover) Lisi
Robert B 05/02/2012
I fell in love with the 1.6L fiesta engine back in the 70s, My first small car was the MK1 Fiesta 3 door. I bought it after working at a ford rental agency, we (the back lot employees ) raced the stock Ford vehicles against each other and I found out a Fiesta could always beat a Mustang 5.0 with auto trans in 1/4 mile races by a car length or better. I went out and bought my own and drove it hard for 160,000 miles with nary a complaint from the little hot rod. Now that Ford has brought it back with fuel injection, two cams, electronic ignition, and a much much nicer suspension, I've decided to buy one again, BUT............I see there exists a 3 door again, and an ST model with Ecoboost (ford speak for twin turbos) Europe? please, please bring this car to the USA, have you seen many people in the carpool lane? No you haven't , so why do most of us really need a back seat? and with the price of gas, American Commuters would have a wonderful, fun to drive alternative to the gol durned snooty 'ol overpriced Prius.