My story is nothing amazing but I'd like to share. My story is about my regret, not having desired my Ford Fiesta 2010 (MK7 in Europe), or having to buy, or have leads but have sold several months ago. This regret was revived a few days ago when my 7 year old daughter gave me a beautiful drawing that I let you simply appreciate. Happy new year
MMD 04/26/2013
My only regret is not having purchased this great car sooner! It took me 3 years to finally get a new car. i loved my old car so much and it ran pretty well, but at 15+ years old, it was starting to need a lot of body work and some mechanical things. When I finally started searching seriously, I went online and looked at the new Fiesta. I went to my local Ford dealer the next day and signed a lease. It's a great little car and has even more great features than I had hoped for.