My Sweet, Sweet Mexia!!

My father is a HUGE Ford fan. There is no way I would of gotten away with driving anything else. Sure, my heart was sold on a 2007 Pontiac G5, but then I saw her.

The 2012 Lime Green Squeeze Ford Fiesta SE hatchback.

Hot dang. I was in love, and was obsessed with them.

When I finally got to pick her up, after four months of talking, I nearly screamed! Mexia (Meh-zay-uh) is the LOVE of my life!! She turns heads EVERYWHERE she goes!! She's an absolute delight, and I love her to death and back; weekly baths and waxes, and she is NEVER dirty on the inside. She still smells like new, and I picked her up and in March! I love love LOVE my Fiesta, and I will more than likely only purchase Fiestas for the rest of my days!
Alisa B 04/03/2013
That's wonderful! Also, I am happy to know that I am not the only person who named their Fiesta. I have a new black Titanium Hatch and named her, "Kitten."
Stephen B 08/23/2012
Sweet! You made the right choice going with the Ford!
Tim C 08/20/2012
I feel the exact same!!! I've had a 2011 Lime squeeze 5 door that I'm leasing brand new and I LOVE it too!!! Her name's Mary, and I get a lot of looks too as well as comments! Even from a guy who drove a Ferrari!!! We have good taste in cars don't we :)