My New Ford Fiesta Matches My Purse.

By Amy H.

I had waited months to get a new car and had looked at all new makes and styles. On Friday, my husband told me that Pollard Ford had a new silver Fiesta. We headed over to check it out and then I saw it...not a silver one but a fabulous lime green one!! I knew I had to have it when it matched my new purse exactly. All the cars on the road are white, silver, black or red. I didnt want what everybody else had, I wanted special! This car was it!! Thanks Ford for making the car of my dreams!!

Amy Harrison
Lubbock, Tx
Russell P 08/24/2012
Martha M 02/29/2012
I bought my Lime Green Fiesta last January and I love it and everything about it. First New Vehicle I ever had personally. I love Ford and Fiesta!!!!
Paul 07/14/2011
cool color, Amy!
Pratik 06/09/2011
By all means, Fiesta is a great car. But I wasn't that lucky as there was a 2 month wait to get the Lime Green One. I got the Black Fiesta, and I absolutely love it.. It fits my needs and wants, without streching my purse strings.. Thanks Ford...
Kihun Choi 06/07/2011
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