My Ford Saved My Life!

I purchased my Ford Fiesta on March 8, 2013 and on March 8, 2014 it was totaled in an accident that happened on my way home from work. I'm a student so I work nights and at 2 am the unthinkable happened and I was involved in a wreck where I was hit by another car and lost control of my car and I rolled and slided down the freeway and ended up on top of the K rail. I've never been more terrified in my life and the whole time I was rolling and sliding I was expecting the worst to happen. Once I stopped I got out of my car and was completely fine. Due to the damage on the car I went to the hospital but I only had a few bumps and bruises. I was amazed that I walked away from a crash like that. I am so grateful to Ford for creating such a safe and reliable car. I am definitely buying another Ford!