My Daughter Walked Away- Thank You Ford!!!

My daughter, Caitlin bought her first car just 5 months ago. She bought a 2014 Ford Fiesta in Black. She was in love with this car. She is a college student who also works as an administrative assistant at a charter school in Detroit, MI for experience in her field of study, Social Worker. So this car has saved a ton of money on gas and kept her so safe on her long commute each day. 
Yesterday, 1/13/14, she was coming home and was going through the intersection of Huron River Dr and Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti,MI. Her light turned green as she came to the light so she went through. Well the a driver of a van coming the other direction ran the red light and Caitlin hit the van head on. Caitlin said it was so loud and scary. Her car is totaled but my daughter walked away. She has a concussion and will be very sore but she walked away. The air bags deployed and the front end took all the brunt of the crash. I am so thankful to Ford for building a great car that kept my child alive to live her life. Not sure how she will get a new car but if she can, it will be another Ford Fiesta. My sincere gratitude to the Ford engineers and all the people that made her car. 
Vasile A 01/16/2014
Wow, I am so impressed of this story. So glad that your daughter is fine ! Ford shows us one more time that they have safe cars.