Long Loop Traveling With The Best Mpg From Ford

A wedding in Park City, UT. started the idea. My wife and I started on a great adventure in our new Ford Fiesta SFE, in Silver City, NM. we chose to take Hwy 180 north thru the scenic northern NM and AZ. We then took hwy 191 north to I-15 in UT. We did some sight seeing in Salt Lake and eventually made our way east to Park City on I-80. The wedding was very nice its not every day your little cousin gets married. I told my wife, "Since we're this far already why dont we go visit your sister in Colorado?". Of course she agrees so we head out the next morning, and of course since its late Nov. we leave the resort and the thermometer on car reads -4. We merge on to I-80 east thru Wyoming, we stop in Laramie for some lunch where the car read -10 something my desert born and raised wife is far from used to. After a delayed lunch we continue east to Cheyenne where we head south on I-25 into colorado. The drive so far has been beautiful with nothing little than a foot of snow everywhere except the road, the long strip of black slicing thru the bright white wildeness. We spend a few days with my sister in law in Colorado. Then we head south back down into good ol' New Mexico but a few hours before we cross the NM CO state line I decide to take a little detour to the great dunes in CO. seeing the dunes with all that snow on them was a real treat, my wife never seeing them, it made a good first impression. Onward and... downward, we continue south to Taos to stay with my aunt we stay there one night to break up the trip. The next day again we head south to home in Silver City, overall the trip was amazing we saw many sights we never thought we'd experience also temperatures and weather we never thought. the fiesta did amazing getting phenominal gas mileage the whole time. The trip helped us rack up our current mileage of over 26000 since may 2011. Ryan Garcia 3/28/12
Duane S 05/15/2012
2010 Fusion Hybrid best MPG was on a 220 mile round trip from Atlanta area to Wedowee, Alabama on county roads. Got 54.4 MPG with speed control set at 45 (the speed limit). Took longer but more fun!
Ryan&Carmen G 04/14/2012
We got a good 40mpg or more even with all the hills we had to go up. The only poor mpg we got was in subzero temperatures where we only got 35. It seems though that the more miles are on your car the better gas mileage you get. We have over 27000 miles on our car and recently got 65mpg hwy and then again 54!
Some Guy 03/30/2012
How many miles per gallon did you get on your trip? I'm getting over 36 MPG with my 2012 SES hatchback. It's mostly suburban driving...no long trips yet.