Great Trip Mileage.

By Ken S.

I took a long road trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Albuquerque, NM this fall and did 3060 miles. I averaged over 40 mpg for the whole trip. On one portion of the trip in Northeastern NM and Southwest Kansas I got 46.07 mpg. This car is fantastic and is one of the best cars I've ever owned. I would buy another one in a heartbeat!
Lawrence F 11/08/2014
My recent trip of over 2600 miles was quite similar. Overall it was 41+ mpg with 2 tanks over 45. Impressive car for the size.
john h 07/27/2014
Looks a lot like my 2012 SE except for the wheels, I had to have the aluminum ones. I averaged 45.5 on a 675 mile trip last year.