Formerly A Love/hate Relationship.

For the first 6000, miles I was very disappointed with my new car, and in particular the Auto trans. It was herky - jerky and not at all comfortable. I took the car to the dealer and had it checked out...nothing detectable. They advised that it was getting used to "my" driving style(?). Oh well I drove it on vacation for 4,000 miles, it never missed a beat, and if fact I am pleased to let everyone reading this, that we AVERAGED from start to finish, 40.1 MPG. That gave me great pleasure to know that the car was capable of this kind of mileage over a long distance, better yet we were using the A/C most of the time.
And last but not least, the trans began to function much smoother and this little car goes like a small bat out of hell. Thanks I am enjoying my car even more.
Ryan&Carmen G 04/14/2012
I had the same problem with the transmission in my fiesta the dealership ended up having to do a reprogramming and now it rides so much better. But something you have to look forward to is that the more miles on your car the better the gas mileage you get we recently got 65.4mpg hwy we have 27k miles and get amazing gas mileage. Ford Fiesta SFE