First New Car

Like most teens my post high school days meant either going off to college or going to work. Being the eldest of seven children I did the later. I needed a more reliable car than what my parents provided so off to our local Ford dealer here in Olympia Wa my mom and I went. I fell in love with the light blue Fiesta that I had driven by many times on that lot. Having no credit yet my mom did cosign but I made all the payments for 3 years and that car lasted 10 years with an owner that put that car through lots. My Fiesta started out with an owner that couldn't drive a stick but drove 100 miles that first night to practice. It was toilet papered then set on fire while at my first concert (ACDC), driven my fiends to many of functions , helped drive my daughter home when born and continued with being a Great car for 10 years. Had its owner changed the oil more than twice and fixed the transmission at the end it would still be driving. Thirty years later when I had the chance to get another brand new car I chose Ford Feista again because now I'm a single mom of two teenage boys and I wanted a reliable car for all of us to drive for years. I'm older and wiser but this Fiesta gives me those same old feelings as my first. Ford got me through young adult and now middle age, look forward to the adventures!