My Teenage Years

I bought a 71 Torino from my parents, Yea the days where you bought cars from mom and dad not giving. I loved my car, It was like a sand dust browna nd had the halo roof. I kept the look stock while all my friends were slapping on the slots and cragers. I had the beauty rings and center caps. My car and me were one, I shinded and polished that car all the time. I even got the you love that car more than me from a couple of girls. They were probably right. Well met my current wife and my car just never liked her. Always did not want to start. We were out of town one time and stopped for a soda pop and went back and the car would not start. Well after cranking a while it back fired. My girl friend now wife for 24 years dumped a whole big gulp soda down the carburator. Well the timing went out. Had a buddy come and pull me home. Got that fixed and a few years later my ball joint was going out. I set my car at my wifes dads house, while I was saving money to fix. I parked the car at the edge of his driveway and one foggy morning he forgot about it being there, The car set down hill a little off his driveway and he ran over the back of the car with his 4x4 truck, He called me and told me about it. He said it was totalled. He said he could get rid of it, I just had the tranny rebuild and new duel exhaust put on it. I never seen the car after that happened ., I still have the title and the beauty rings and center caps, The truck key cover that said Torino is on the dash of my 94 Toyota. Going to put it on my 93 Ranger being my frame rusted on the Toyota. I seriously think about that car everyday, It was what I was in my teenage years.
Dave E 04/16/2012
Good story. I had a car like that too. But, I won't mention it here out of respect to Ford. I didn't get on board with Ford until '89. Wouldn't want anything else now.