Love And A Mint Green Ford

My first FORD was a 1971 Ford Torino 500 with a 302 engine painted mint green with the vinyl top. I thought it was the most beautiful car ever. I inherited this one from my Mom and growing up in Buffalo, rust usually wiped out most cars in a few years, but except for a rusty trunk that needed replacing periodically, that car ran like a beast! I met my wife at college in that car and have lots of great memories of time spent and trips in that car. Unfortunately i only have pictures left of it now, but its what drew me to my continuing love affair with Mustangs (1965 Fastback, 1966 Convertible, 1971 Mach 1, 2010 convertible and 2010 Shelby coupe to date)!

Thank you to all the Ford team: the engineers who design them, the production line employees who put so much attention and love into them, the finance and management team who brought FORD through the recession and are hopefully building the platform for the future and last (but never least) the FORD family who resist the opportunity for the quick cash in and keep their family legacy alive for themselves, their employees and all of America.

Thank you FORD!

Bob Post