When I Got Hooked

When I was 16 i got my first car. it was a chevy that got me by for a little. Then I saw my nest door neighbor had her 1995 ford thunderbird V8 for sale. So I asked her one day "are you thinking of selling it". She told me to give her a few days and then i purchased it for 2,000 dollars. I then came into my love affair for tbirds. I drove it for 5 years until one day i was on my way up to chicago for work training. I became heartbroken because a few days before that i went to a all tbird show and won my first award. So to make a long story short i was for sure that I would come back into either fixing my wrecked thunderbird or getting another. I purchased a 1993 thunderbird for 500 dollars and it only has 21,564 original miles on it. I have spent a few thousand dollars already on it, but like I said I have a love affair with thunderbirds especially the 1989 to 1997 year models. But I have major plans to make it look like new.