What I Owe My Life To

After learning how to drive with my brother's Taurus and my dad's Taurus, I was eventually fortunate enough to have my very own Ford too - a 1995 Thunderbird. I loved my car, but since it was a large vehicle with a V8 while gas was over $4.00 a gallon, it hit my wallet pretty hard at the pump. Although it cost me quite a bit of money for gas, it saved me something much more precious: my life, and also my boyfriend's. We were in high school going home one day when I lost control of the vehicle. The Thunderbird was in bad shape after taking a very hard hit on the driver's side, but both my boyfriend and I walked away unharmed. Thanks to the tank-like qualities of this Thunderbird, we were both able to attend prom a week later, graduate two and a half weeks later, and celebrate my birthday three weeks later. I not only owe my life to this car, but so many memories as well. Years later, my boyfriend and I are still together, and I am now the proud owner of a 2007 Focus. After my experiences, I will definitely be a life-long Ford customer.