Thunderbird For Life

I was born and raised with Ford cars and trucks. I got my drivers license driving my parents 1966 Thunderbird. Since then I have owned several Ford cars and trucks including 5 different Thunderbird's.
In 1997 when I heard it would no longer be in production My wife and I went straight to the local Ford dealer and had them locate a Thunderbird with the exact colors and options we wanted.
We still drive this car today and have loved every minute of it. People can't believe it's 14 years old. It is the perfect car with luxury, class, performance, economy, and styling. What more could you want.
When the "retro" bird came out in 2002 we considered buying one but our 1997 was such a great car with NO problems that I just couldn't give it up for a newer one.
The Ford Thunderbird and full size Bronco's are the 2 best vehicles ever produced.
jason miller 01/13/2012
Why Ford WHY?? T bird is your premere yop of the line Big mistake..
Chuck 11/16/2011
Know what you mean. Had a '93 with the 5.0. Last year for that motor in the T-Bird. Such a strong runner and good handler.