The One That Got Away!

I have always been interested in unusual cars, and during my 38 years of owning some very unique vehicles, I still have nightmares about one particular vehicle. The physician who delivered me had ordered a 1956 Thunderbird. The car was red, with a white hard top and factory continental kit. When he was ready to sell the car, my aunt purchased it. When my cousin started high school in the late 60's, my aunt gave him her baby to drive. Upon his graduation in about 1972, Stephen became a fan of Porsches, and purchased his first 911. As he could not afford to own both vehicles, he came to me offering to sell me the '56 for $3500. He had kept up the car beautifully -even rebuilding the engine. At the time, I had just finished restoring a 1952 MGTD, and smugly turned down my cousin's offer! If only I could turn back the clock. In the 38 years since my bad decision, I have had more than a few happy dreams in which I DID buy the beautiful car and continued to drive it daily, only to wake up and realize that it was just that, a dream!
liam 06/27/2010
was your cousin a repair man?