The Gift, Once Given .

The Same week my parents brought me home from the hospital, my grandfather bought a ten-year-old car, a 1956 T-Bird hardtop convertible. All my life, my Grandfather told me that when i turn 18, the car was mine. so over my childhood i would help him wash and polish OUR car.. life went on and true to his word, as i turned 18 the car was mine! I loved that car, as did all my girlfriends that i seemed to pop out of the woodwork. i put 10,000 miles on that car that first summer, and my Grandfather had a COW!! in the fall he took it away from me and sold it.. if EVER there was a young man who was so i love with a car it was ME..

One day i will BUY it back, if only to relive the BEST summer i ever had.