The Desire Started Young

By Bob J.

It was family ritual to go to the Ford dealer to see the new Fords on introduction evening. The fall of 1954 brought the new 1955 Thunderbird to my attention. The salesman asked which Ford I wanted. At seven years old, I promptly said the new Thunderbird. It was pointed out that mom, dad, me and two sisters would not all fit in this sporty vehicle. I promptly offered my two sisters in trade. Didn't quite work that way back then. In high school, a drivers liscense required a set of wheels. While my dad was searching for a sedan, I was still looking at the listings for an early Thunderbird. I happily accepted a 1959 Galaxie 4 door hardtop with a 352 Thunderbird V8. Progress to June 1975. I still had the T-Bird bug. Driving home one day I took a road that I rarely traveled. In a parking lot with for sale signs were a 1956 Mercury and a 1956 Thunderbird. After a quick thought, I promply made a left turn at the next corner, down the alley and into the parking lot. The owner was returning from a quick trip to the party store. I asked the price of both cars and set to examining the 'Bird. While I was there, others stopped and asked the price on the 'Bird. Thinking it a bit pricy, they set there curiosity on the Mercury. To make a long story short, I returned a couple days later put a deposit on the Thunderbird and set about raising the remaining funds over the weekend. On Monday morning I drove home my childhood dream car. I still have it today and am in the process of doing a complete ground up restoration. My other collector car is a 1978 Mustang II Cobra II with a 302 V8 and 4 speed. My everyday car?? A 2010 Fusion Hybrid. It has to be a Ford.