My Fords Throughout The Years

Ive been a Ford girl all my life. Ive owned quite a few different ones, including 79 mustang pace car, 82 mustang gt, 92 mustang gt, but the 2 Im most proud of are my 1987 turbo coupe, and the car i own now, 1999 mustang. My turbo coupe made it to 200k miles, i actually taped it turning over to 200k and sent it to Ford, to show how proud I was I guess. That car meant the world to me, but on a roadtrip, almost home, some jerk cut me off and destroyed my car, Im pretty sure I cried for days. Now, my baby is my 99 mustang, shes a gorgeous dark blue, with purplish window tint, i wash and wax my car religeously and living in WI, unbelievably shes only got one tiny spot of rust just starting to bubble my paint. 165k miles and counting with no major repairs under the hood at all. I LOVE FORD and will only ever buy ford! Thanks you guys for making such wonderful cars and making my driving experience one I'll never forget