My First New Car And A Snow Storm

When I was in the Air Force I was transferred to Warner Robins, GA in 1982. By then I had the Tbird for four years and since it was my first new car it was my baby. In January of 1982 as I was traveling from North Carolina to Georgia I hit bad weather outside of Atlanta going south on I-75. The roads were getting slick and the snow was coming down in buckets. I was in heavy traffic on the interstate and all of a sudden I was going backwards and down into the median of the highway with snow and mud and grass flying all around me. Somehow the car and I ended up in that median before I could react. The 78 Tbird was downsized from it's former 1976 version but still a great handling and heavy car. I got out and looked at the car and my poor car had mud, snow and grass crammed all in the wire wheel covers and grass all over my poor car.

Looking around at all the traffic and snow coming down I made up my mind we were getting out of this mess and somehow getting down the road to Robins Afb. I got back in the car and somehow drove it out of that median which was on an incline and full of snow, that bird hauled out of there like it was a normal day!! When I arrive in Warner Robins the snow had stopped and my poor car went to the car wash. I wish a thousand times I had that car now, I just hope it is in Georgia with a good owner and restored. Since then I have had two 77 Tbirds and as far as I am concerned that was the best car Ford ever made. So, thank you Ford Motor Company for building such a great car.

Sincerely, Charles Hornaday, Graham, NC.