My First Love, My '78 Thunderbird

First fell in love with the '77-'79 Thunderbirds, going to NASCAR races. Dad found me a '78 Diamond Jubilee Thunderbird that had been wrecked. He bought her for me. I worked all summer long and got money for parts and enough to get started having her rebuilt. The body man came and got her on my 16th Birthday in 1978. After about forty-five days he had her finished. She was awesome and top of the line at that time. I loved that car with all my heart. Keep her clean, waxed and serviced. Roughly a year later, coming home from friends house in neighboring county, I meet a car on my side of the road. I decided to take the ditch. Little did I realize it was a embankment, we rolled several times. She was a total loss. Sometime after that, some guys I worked with found me another one just like the one I had. I talked with the gentlemen and he agreed to sell her to me. I purchased the DJ Thunderbird. The girl of my dreams finally started seeing me. I think she felt sorry because I had wrecked my beloved Thunderbird. We married in 1982. Have been married thirty years this coming June and I still have the '78 Diamond Jubilee Edition Thunderbird :)