My First Ford Vehicle.

I have never been more in love with a vehicle than my 1991 Thunderbird SC. I purchased it back in April 1995, my first experience with Ford. I grew up with Chrysler and Chevrolet in the driveway ,and what my parents were thinking was beyond me. I guess they never saw the light. Walking through the car lot looking for the perfect vehicle, my first real car. Something different. Something that no one else had. Then there it was, a beautiful Cardinal Red staring at me with the sleak aerodynamic body,with aggressive front styling, saying "I am coming for you" sitting there alone, maybe it was not alone but it was the only one that stood out.. At the ripe old age of 22, I knew I had to have this car. To this day I still have it and will never part with it. It is a part of my family and my children love it, and they perfer, we would, take it everywhere we go. My son can not wait for me to give it to him and in due time it will be his. I have never had better service out of any vehicle manufacturer than Ford. I currently own 4 Ford products and have never been more satisfied than I am now. My Thunderbird well into the 300,000 mile range and my Expedition is rapidly approaching 300k. Built Ford Tough is an understatement.
Jay 07/04/2010
Wow, that is a very rare site of the '90's T-bird. I don't think I've seen any on the road around here in MN. Thanks for sharing. My parents had a '79 t-bird, and I wish I'd taken it when they did ask me.. Guess I was a dumb teenager then. ;-(