My First Ford, The Thunderbird

My first car was a 96 ford thunderbird. I had always loved the appearance of the cars but never realized just how amazing they were until I test drove one. The car was within budget and a safer car then the 60s model mustang I originally wanted so my mom agreed with the big bird. The car was a one owner,a teacher who took very good care of it. It only had the V6 but it still had plenty of torque with the 3.8. Although the car was only a two door it still had plenty of space for all my friends and we were riding in. luxury. one of my favorite features of the car was the plush seats. It was all fun and games until an oncoming truck ran me off the road which would eventually lead to it's demise, the only thing that happened was a coolant line to the transmission was ripped overheating the transmission as I tried to get the car out of the ditch. The guy that came with the tow truck told me it was a miracle I didn't flip the thing but I think it was the low center of gravity and the width of the car. The transmission ended up going out but the local dealership I sold it to managed to fix it and I still see it driving around today reminding me if all the good times I had in the car but later led me to buy my current car the ford fiesta. I owe that bird my life and the ford motor company as well for building such a durable car.