My First Car

when i first got my 1987 F150 i thought it was the best truck ever. problem was with my financial situation, i needed something smaller, newer and more fuel efficient. i browsed through the local classifieds and i found this lovely little gem; a 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX with the Limited Edition package. This car is in near perfect shape for what it is. i am the second owner of this car and it has almost 200,000 miles(196,560) on stock 4.6l v8 and 4speed auto with O/D, aftermarket JVC CD/MP3 receiver with aux. port. this car was literally a barn find. all the owner wanted was my truck. i hated to trade, but im glad i did.
Chris Martin 02/22/2012
yes it is a 97. the guy who had it before me put front end parts on this that were from an older model. the title and the manual both say 97
Michael Marks 01/02/2012
That's not a 97'..i have a 97' have either a 94' or 95' model..i can tell by the sleek t-bird opening on the front end and the t-bird caps on your wheels.